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2015: ESA’s Centennial Celebration

In 2015, ESA turned 100. Ecology in a Changing World: #ESA100 from Ecological Society of America on Vimeo. The Ecological Society turns 100 in 2015. When the society was founded in 1915, ecology was a new field, still defining its …

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ESA History

The Historical Records Committee is tasked with preserving the ESA’s historical records. Much of the society’s history can be found in its archives and Bulletin, as well as on this website. See the links in the sidebar for an overview …

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The July Bulletin of the ESA offers a wealth of history-related material, collected here (along with a few republished from April) for your browsing convenience. Historical Records Committee Newsletter: Upcoming Sessions at the Annual Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Bill Reiners …

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In recognition of ESA’s centennial in 2015, the Bulletin is publishing a series on the Society’s history, its practitioners, and the history of ecology as a discipline. Most links below open PDFs from the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of …

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In this centennial year, Bulletin editor Ed Johnson will be focusing on articles outlining ESA history and related themes in addition to regular reports. The January issue contains a nice launch of this series celebrating the 100th anniversary. ESA Founders …

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If you’re already a member of the ECOLOG listserv this won’t be news to you, and if you’re not a member this might just get you to sign up! David Inouye sent the following message and graph on February 26th: …

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View special events in ESA’s first one hundred years, 1915-2015, in our interactive timeline. This timeline is a work in progress, developed by the Historical Records Committee. We have many more milestones and other events to add, but please leave …

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