Career Central 2019

Scientists at all career levels, from new students to the most seasoned researchers, can benefit from the professional development provided by their association with societies. From peer mentoring to formal training, societies and the collective expertise of their members are perfect crucibles for developing skills not just as scientists, but as professionals and leaders as well. As part of its commitment to fostering the professional development of its members, ESA is proud to bring Career Central to the 2019 Annual Meeting.

This year’s event promises to build on the success of last year’s career fair initiative by expanding and amplifying the kinds of hands-on, practical career development content that all scientists need to advance. While the program is still being built, plan on finding sessions covering:

  • Daily how-to workshops on data and tools put on by NEON and Data Help Desk
  • Career exploration open houses for scientists and enthusiasts along several (including non-academic) pathways
  • Exploring professional awards and volunteer opportunities in career advancement
  • Mock interviews and resume development
  • Mentoring best practices for all sides in a relationship
  • Instant feedback on ideas for papers from ESA editors in chief
  • Workshops on professional certification, project management, education frameworks, effective work in public policy, and fostering inclusion in the workplace

Plus roundtable discussions on upcoming Annual Meeting changes, professional development within ESA, membership in the Society and more!

Career Central will run daily at the Annual Meeting, 1:30-4:30 PM in the exhibit hall, and will also serve as host for several networking events and brown-bag lunches as well as the jobs board. Stay tuned for more updates on the schedule in this space. And, if you’re interested in contributing, please see this form!