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Disease Ecology

Research examining how interactions between organisms and the physical environment influence the transmission and prevalence of diseases – both human and non-human.

Monday, August 12th

1:30 PM
2:00 PM
2:30 PM
4:10 PM
4:20 PM

Tuesday, August 13th

8:20 AM
10:40 AM
3:40 PM

Wednesday, August 14th

8:20 AM
The macroecology of avian competence for Borrelia burgdorferi
Daniel Becker
Contributed talks, L011/012
9:00 AM
9:50 AM
Has global viral diversity been overestimated?
Colin Carlson
Contributed talks, L011/012
2:10 PM
Biodiversity-disease relationships are scale dependent
Julia C. Buck
Organized oral sessions, M103
2:30 PM
3:20 PM
4:00 PM

Thursday, August 14th

3:40 PM
4:30 PM

Friday, August 15th

9:00 AM