Funding Support

ESA is happy to support access to the Annual Meeting by those who might not otherwise have funding to participate.

Microbial ecologists and biologists are encouraged to participate in REMNet activities at the Annual Meeting; through NSF RCN-UBE funding, REMNet can provide $500-$1,800 to those who participate in the network’s short course and other activities.

Students who are accepted as volunteers at the Annual Meeting will have their (early-bird only) registration costs reimbursed after completing their assignments.

From Our Sections and Chapters

ESA’s constituent groups are in the process of releasing applications for funding of various sorts, under their own criteria. Some of these opportunities will function similarly to registration grants, or may include travel reimbursement; others are awards for published or presented scientific work. Students are especially encouraged to apply for these opportunities if they qualify.

This list will change over time as applications open and close.

Students are also encouraged to volunteer at the Annual Meeting; those who successfully complete their assignments will have their registration fees reimbursed.