Health and Safety

We are monitoring the ongoing situation with COVID-19. Attendees are strongly encouraged to wear masks while inside the convention center and to be up to date on all COVID-19 vaccinations. ESA will require attendees to abide by any applicable local, state or federal laws that may be announced at any time before or during the event, which may include wearing masks, engaging in social distancing, temperature checks, rapid testing, or providing proof of COVID-19 vaccination status.

Before You Leave Home

  • Make sure your COVID vaccines and booster shots are up to date.
  • Test regularly as the most effective way to detect COVID and isolate if you are infected.
  • Pack any items you may need in case of sickness (medicine, tissues, thermometer, etc.).


Two attendees explore the meeting schedule on their device.
  • Masks will be available upon request on site.
  • Mask wearing for participants will be a matter of personal choice and preference, and we encourage everyone to be respectful of other individuals’ mask decisions. Wear a mask indoors if you are more comfortable, and we ask that you respect those around you that choose to do so. 
  • We advise high-risk individuals, and those with family or colleagues who are at a higher risk of getting COVID, to wear a CDC-recommended mask, such as the N95 type.


  • We will once again use colored lanyards for people to indicate their comfort level.
    • Green – High Fives, Handshakes, and Fist Bumps
    • Yellow – Talking but please not too close.
    • Red – I’m keep my distance with a smile and a wave.
Red lanyards.

Healthy Habits

  • Wash hands frequently, including after utilizing washroom facilities.
  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Take care of yourself both before and during the conference.  Prioritize rest, eat full meals, and take time to recharge as needed.

Recommendations for Exhibitors

  • Ensure your booth has plenty of hand sanitizer that is easily accessible.
  • Provide frequent booth/product cleaning that includes regularly disinfecting surfaces and wiping down high-touch items.
  • Have a communications/action plan in the event of illness among your team members while in Portland.