Calling all leaders of biological infrastructure projects:

Is your digital data resource, collection, field station, or laboratory financially sustainable? Do you feel confident in your ability to manage finances, plan for the future, analyze your stakeholders, communicate effectively, and diversify your funding sources? If not, our Strategies for Success course can help.

Come spend three days developing an action plan for your project, learning from expert faculty, and networking with colleagues.  Our alumni agree that the knowledge and skills they gained on the course will have a meaningful impact on their project within the next 6-12 months.


Here’s what some of our alumni have to say:

“I learned financial management and business model preparation more clearly than I thought I ever would! Every bit of the course was perfectly conducted… concise, excellent material, presented in interesting ways with interactive pieces, and designed to allow us to network with each other.”

“My main objective in taking the course was to get help in developing business and strategic plans. I got much more than that in learning to approach corporations, private foundations, and individual donors.”

“I can now go back to my Director of Finance and Financial Analyst with a greater ability to understand their language and methods. I have strong confidence that I can work with them to realign expenditures in a strategic way that will increase efficiency and identify needs.”