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Between 2009 and 2010, the Science and Engineering Alliance Inc., (SEA) in collaboration with National Ecological Observatory Network Inc. (NEON) and Ecological Society of America (ESA), with a financial support from National Science Foundation (NSF), sponsored College Speaking Tours (CSTs) at 16 Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) across the U.S.

Primary Objective:

To measure institutional capabilities and to enhance understanding of NEON science focus areas among members in the participating institutions.

The NEON science focus areas are:

  • biodiversity
  • biogeochemistry
  • climate changes
  • ecohydrology
  • infectious diseases
  • land use and changes

The goals of the College Speaking Tours were to:

  1. Build the foundations for broadening the participation of underrepresented minority institutions and their community of researchers and students in NEON science and education.
  2. Identify the research and development capacity of the MSIs to conduct and participate in future NEON ecological, engineering, cyber-infrastructural, and social science research and education opportunities.
  3. Reduce the risks for future NEON education initiatives through targeted needs assessment of educational and research activities.

For More information about the college speaking tour: College Speaking Tour Report: “Cultivating Participation of Underrepresented Institutions and Students in NEON Science and Education”

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