Webinar 1 | Aug. 19, 2008

  1. Welcome and Webinar Protocols
  2. Introduction to Project and Timeline of Project
  3. Introduction of Participants
  4. Participant Expectations
  5. Presentation on NEON and Overview of Grand Challenges – by NEON Inc. staff
  6. Introduction to FIA Data Tools


Webinar 2 | Setp. 18 or Sept. 24, 2008

  1. Presentation on NEON Science and Education Plan
  2. Introduction to EcoTrends Data set
  3. Introduction to Land Use Analysis Package Data set
  4. How a related discipline has used large-scale data in undergraduate education
  5. Discussion on teaching using continental-scale data
  6. Assignment prior to Workshop


Data Sets

The Forest Inventory and Analysis data are site specific datasets on our nation's forests, managed by the Research and Development organization within the USDA Forest Service in cooperation with State and Private Forestry and National Forest Systems.

Presentations and Documents

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