Archiving ESA-related Materials

Prior to submitting documents to the University of Georgia Libraries, contact us.

Process for Submitting Documents

Annually, ESA’s Washington Office sends documents to the Hargrett Library at the University of Georgia. The documents of ESA officers and chairs could be submitted with those materials, which would require that the documents to delivered to ESA headquarters at the following address:

Ecological Society of America
Attn: Katherine McCarter
1990 M Street, NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: 202-833-8773

Alternatively, contact us for further instructions.

Oral histories

Contact us if you would like to do an oral history pertinent to the history of ESA or ecology, or if you know of one that could be added to ESA’s archives. Written permission is required. Also, the Historical Records Committee has an oral history kit that can be mailed to those interested in doing an interview. It contains a simple, high-quality digital recorder with instructions, the permission form that must be completed, and suggestions for how to proceed.

Other digital files

Prior to submitting digital files for archiving, contact us to obtain current instructions and addresses.

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