Henry Allan Gleason

Henry A. Gleason
Born: Dalton City, IL 1/2/1882; died 4/21/1975
Education: Illinois (B.S. 1901; M.A. 1904); Columbia (Ph.D. 1906)
Dissertation title: A revision of the North American Vernonieae (Bull. N. Y. Bot. Garden 4:144-245)
Adviser: N. L. Britton (confirmed by B. Maguire)
Comments: Influenced by S. A. Forbes and T. J. Burrill while studying and working in Illinois. For more information see obituary by B. Maguire (Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 102:274-282) and biographical article by R. P. Mclntosh (ibid. 102:253-273, reprinted in History of American Ecology, Arno Press, New York, 1977).
Teaching history: Illinois 1906-10; Michigan 1910-19; (New York Botanic Garden 1919-51)
Ph. D. Students:
Others influenced: W. B. McDougall, F. C. Gates , A. G. Vestal
ESA offices and honors: Eminent Ecologist 1953 and 1959.
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Archived papers: New York Botanical Garden
External links: Smith bios | Wikipedia

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