Walter B. McDougall

Walter B. McDougall
Born: Ypsilanti, MI 12/10/1883; Died 12/25/80
Education: Michigan (A.B. 1911; Ph.D. 1913)
Dissertation title: On the mycorhizas of forest trees (Amer. J. Bot. 1:51-74)
Adviser: Frederick C. Newcombe (C)
Comments: Took one course in plant ecology from Henry A. Gleason while at Michigan, but other than that “I dug it out by myself”.
Teaching history: Illinois 1913-29; Southern California 1930-31
Ph.D. students: William T. Penfound (C)
ESA offices and honors: Eminent Ecologist 1977
ESA links: Eminent Ecologist

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