Eugene P. Odum

Eugene P. Odum
Born: Lake Sunapee, NH 9/17/1913; died 8/10/2002
Education: Univ. of North Carolina (A.B. 1934); Illinois (Ph.D. 1939)
Dissertation title: Variations in the heart rate of birds: a study in physiological ecology (Ecol. Mon. 11:299-326)
Adviser: S. Charles Kendeigh (C)
Comments: Also influenced by Victor E. Shelford
Teaching history: Georgia 1940-?
Ph. D. students:
Others influenced: Robert E. Gordon (M.S.), D. H. Knight
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Archived Papers: Eugene Odum collection  |   Eugene Odum Administrative Papers – Institute of Ecology  |   Eugene Odum Research Files  |  Georgia Ornithological Society Records  |  Eugene Odum correspondence 1945-1982 at University of Georgia Athens
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