Monica G. Turner

Monica G. Turner
Born: New York, NY, 12/9/1958
Education: Fordham Univ. (B.A.1980) ; Georgia (Ph.D. 1985)
Dissertation title: Ecological effects of multiple perturbations on a Georgia salt marsh
Advisor: Frank Golley (C)
Other influences: Graduate school: Susan P. Bratton; Postdoc: Eugene P. Odum; early career at ORNL: Robert H. Gardner, Robert V. O’Neill
Teaching History:  Tennessee 1990-94; Wisconsin 1994-
Ph. D. Students: Tania Schoennagel, Daniel M. Kashian, Mark A. Smith, Jennifer M. Fraterrigo, Mark D. Dixon, Thomas P. Albright, Timothy R. Kuhman, Martin Simard, Jacob M. Griffin, Michelle M. Jackson, Brian J. Harvey
Others influenced: (Post-Docs) Yegang Wu, Scott M. Pearson, Richard O. Flamm, William W. Hargrove, Kimberly O. With, Rebecca A. Reed, Daniel B. Tinker, Joan Riera, Matthias Bürgi, James R. Miller, Kristine L. Metzger, Jeffrey A. Cardille, Dean P. Anderson, Erica A.H. Smithwick , Ishi Buffam, Tammy L. Wilson, Daniel C. Donato, Peter J. Blank, Kevin C. Rose; (Post-MS) Timothy G. Whitby; (M.S. students) Sarah E. Gergel, Katie I. Predick, James D. Forester, Anna E. Marburg, Alysa J. Remsburg, Michael Stevens, Daniel Rutledge, Jill Schnaiberg, Mark Wegener, Christopher Mitchell, Elizabeth A. Levitt, Heather A. Lumpkin; (Undergraduates) Eleanor Erwin, Rebecca Nowak, Sarah Bassack, Bridget Henning, Stephanie Hall, Aisha Ba.
ESA offices and honors:  MacArthur Award 2008; Sustainability Science 2009; Fellow 2012; President 2015-2016
ESA links: MacArthur Award
External links: Wikipedia | NAS profile

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