Timothy L. Dickson (2009)

From a “Focus on Ecologists” maintained by the ESA Education Office about 2009-2011.


Full Name Timothy L. Dickson
Degree PhD
Job Position Field Station Staff Scientist
Organization Washington University in St. Louis
Department Tyson Research Center
Professional Affiliation Academic
What do you love most about your job? I love the opportunity to learn about the natural world.
For each degree you’ve obtained, list the degree, field, and institution. B.A. in Biology with Environmental Studies Concentration, St. Olaf College

Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Kansas

Who or what inspired you to become a scientist (or other profession)? I spent much of my childhood in a riverside park near my home, and I gained a love of being outdoors. This love of the outdoors led me to ask questions about how nature “worked” and to pursue ecological studies in college and graduate school.
What is the most valuable advice a mentor gave you or that you would offer to someone who’d like to do the same job as you? I would recommend trying to determine where you want to end up after your schooling is completed, and then making sure that your schooling / training is preparing you for the job you eventually want to have. I would also recommend to those people beginning a graduate research program choose a “big question” which excites them, and then have another somewhat safer project as a backup. Projects looking at major questions are generally harder to successfully complete, but it is easier to stay motivated about the project and other people will be excited about the results.
Award Name Braun Award 2003 (Best ESA Student Poster)
Year originally profiled. 2003
ESA Award E. Lucy Braun Award

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