Ecology’s Future: ESA Writing Contest

Can you imagine what ecology might look like 50 years from now? Give it a try, for a new writing contest ESA Frontiers has launched for the ESA Centennial this year.

As we honor the first hundred years of the society, ESA invites ecologists to imagine the state of ecology in the middle of our next century. In 800 words or less, project yourself forward fifty years and describe a day in the life of an ecologist in the year 2065.

We’re focused on looking back here at ESA history, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the future too. In fact, 50 years ago, ESA asked a committee to look at the Future of Ecology! See how you think they did: here’s the 1965 report.

Contact Liza Lester ( or Cliff Duke ( for more information on the writing contest, enter by March 27th, and good luck!

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