Patricia A. Werner

Patricia A. Werner
Born: Flint, MI 7/7/1941
Education:  Michigan State (M.S. 1968; Ph.D. 1972)
Dissertation title: Effect of the invasion of Dipsacus sylvestris on plant communities in early old-field succession
Advisor: John E. Cantlon (C)
Other influences: (M.S.) John Beaman; (Ph.D.) William E. Cooper, Peter G. Murphy, Stephen N. Stephenson
Teaching History: Michigan State 1973-1986, Florida 1992-2002 (became emeritus), Australian National University (2003-present)
Ph.D. students: Katherine L. Gross, Judith D. Soule, Ronald S. Gross, Carmen R. Cid, Alice A. Winn, Thomas E. Miller, Wanda E. Jones, Annemarie VanDoorn
Others influenced: (MS and beyond) Martha A. Potvin, Jean M. Huffman, Catherine A. Olson, Amy Harbeck; (Ph.D.) Hal Caswell, James B. Grace, A. Brigitt N’Dri; (Post-docs) Deborah E. Goldberg, Claudia J. Jolls, David Peart, S Kawano.
ESA offices and honors: Member-at-Large 1979-81
External link: Paper Trail

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