The Henry L. Gholz SEEDS Field Trip Endowment

In Memory of Dr. Henry L. Gholz

November 24, 1951 ~ September 30, 2017

The ESA SEEDS community mourns the loss of a dear friend in Dr. Henry L. Gholz. While a program officer at the National Science Foundation, Dr. Gholz was instrumental in supporting the continued development of SEEDS and our deep-seated connections with the LTER program, especially through our field trip programs. He once remarked that SEEDS was one of his crowning achievements.

Dr. Gholz will always be part of our SEEDS family memory. Thank you for your contribution to SEEDS in honor of Dr. Gholz.

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More information about the Gholz endowment.

Henry Lewis Gholz, 1951–2017

December 8, 2017 EcoTone Blog: Announcing the Henry L. Gholz SEEDS Field Trips: An enduring endowment for diversity and discovery

“The SEEDS program was one our father was strongly dedicated to and through this, we hope his love of science and his legacy will live on.”
                                                                                                           ~The Gholz Family

ESA SEEDS is grateful for all the donations and pledges that have already been received to establish the Henry L. Gholz Fund.

Your contribution to the endowment will help scores of diverse undergraduate students discover new and big ideas in research, dedication to science and community, and the wide range of possible careers in ecological fields.

Please also consider an additional donation for general SEEDS program support as grant awards only partially cover the costs for the range of student programs offered by SEEDS.

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Thank you for your support for SEEDS!

The Henry L. Gholz SEEDS Field Trip Endowment

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