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Animal Behavior and Sociobiology Section (defunct)

The Animal Behavior and Sociobiology Section, formed in 1956, was a large (>1000 members) and visible section until 1964, when it merged with a similar Division of the American Society of Zoologists to form the Animal Behavior Society. Thereafter it

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Yale University Libraries

Sterling Memorial Library, Manuscripts and Archives 120 High Street New Haven, CT 06511 (203) 432-1735 Lindeman (Raymond) Papers, MS 815, 3.5 linear ft Hutchinson (G. Evelyn) Papers, MS 649, 47.75 linear ft Huntington (Ellsworth) Papers, MS 1, 355 boxes

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Southeastern Chapter

The Southeastern Chapter, the oldest continuously operating ESA chapter, has been active since 1976. The objectives of the Southeastern Chapter are to encourage education and research and to sponsor meetings for the communication of ecological education and research activities of

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South American Chapter

This chapter was established in 2008 to encourage research and education in ecology and its applications throughout South America, to foster communication and the development of collaborative links among ecologists through the support of regional scientific meetings, conferences, workshops and

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Mexico Chapter

In 2003, the Mexico Chapter organized. The objective of this Chapter is to encourage education and research, to sponsor meetings for the communication of ecological education and research activities, to provide scientific information to those interested in the ecology of

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Canada Chapter

ESA’s Canadian members joined together in 1992 as the Quebec Chapter. In 2000, the chapter’s scope was broadened to encompass all of Canada. The objective of this Chapter is to encourage education and research, to sponsor meetings for the communication

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Applied Ecology Section

The Applied Ecology Section is one of the oldest (founded 1971) and most active sections of ESA. This section facilitates communication about applying ecological principles to solve practical environmental problems, and encourages liaison with specialists in policy, administration, planning, health,

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Agroecology Section

The Agroecology section was formed in 2000 to promote an understanding of the importance of the application of ecological concepts and principles to the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems among ecologists, agriculturists, and members of related disciplines. Agroecology Section

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Asian Ecology Section

The Asian Ecology Section was formed in 1994 to promote communication and collaboration, as well as ecological research and education in Asia. Asian Ecology Section website List of Officers

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Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Originally formed in 1983 as the Metropolitan Washington Chapter, which became inactive in 1999. Reorganized in 2002 as the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, this group encourages communication among professional ecologists of the metropolitan areas of the Mid-Atlantic and vicinity. Chapter website The

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