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ESA 2015 Centennial

ESA will celebrate its Centennial in 2015 at the Annual Meeting in Baltimore August 9 through 14, 2015. There will be special symposia and social events commemorating the occasion. Planning began in 2012, when the Governing Board established a Centennial

A note on the history of the ECOLOG listserv

If you’re already a member of the ECOLOG listserv this won’t be news to you, and if you’re not a member this might just get you to sign up! David Inouye sent the following message and graph on February 26th:

HRC sessions at ESA 2014

JOIN US IN SACRAMENTO August 10-15, 2014 Here’s an early preview of what’s ahead in history sessions for the Sacramento meeting in August. We’ll have more details on HRC programs soon. Annual Meeting page at ESA home. Special Session #9685:

Saving ESA’s records

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Prominent Ecologists

Our Microbiographies review careers of plant ecologists who are significant in ESA's history. Check out who's connected to you!

See what ESA's living Past Presidents think about their time in office. A project in progress...