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Robert H. MacArthur Award

The Robert H. MacArthur Award is given biannually to an established ecologist in mid-career for meritorious contributions to ecology, in the expectation of continued outstanding ecological research. Nominees may be from any country and need not be ESA members. The

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New: The Paper Trail

For ESA’s upcoming centennial in 2015, Bulletin editor Ed Johnson has announced a new series called The Paper Trail (pdf), to be published in the Bulletin beginning with the January issue. We expect these essays will become a significant contribution

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Murray F. Buell Award

Initiated in 1977, the Murray F. Buell Award is given annually for the outstanding paper presented orally at the Annual Meeting of the Society by an undergraduate or graduate student or a person with a doctorate who has defended their

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William Skinner Cooper

William S. Cooper Born: Detroit, MI 8/25/1884; died 10/8/1978 Education: Alma Coll. (B.S. 1906), Johns Hopkins (1906-07, no degree), Chicago (Ph.D. 1911) Dissertation title: The climax forest of Isle Royale, Lake Superior, and its development (Bot. Gaz. 55:1-44, 115-140, 189-235)

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Arthur W. Cooper

Arthur W. Cooper Born: Washington, DC 8/15/1931 Education: Colgate (B.A. 1953, M.A. 1955); Michigan (Ph.D. 1958). Dissertation title: Plant life-forms as indicators of microclimate (Ecol. Mon. 31:31-59) Adviser: Stanley A. Cain (C) Comments: Also influenced by W. S. Benninghoff. Teaching

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Frederic E. Clements

Frederic E. Clements Born: Lincoln, NE 9/16/1874; died 7/26/1945 Education: Nebraska (B. Sc. 1894, M.A. 1396, Ph.D. 1898) Dissertation title: The phytogeography of Nebraska (presented jointly with Roscoe Pound) Adviser: Charles E. Bessey Teaching history: Nebraska 1894-1907; Minnesota 1907-17. Ph.

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Norman L. Christensen

Norman L. Christensen Born: Fresno, CA 12/28/1946 Education: Cal State Fresno (AB 1968, MS 1970); UC Santa Barbara (Ph.D. 1973) Dissertation title: Effects of fire on factors controlling plant growth in Adenostoma chaparral (Science 181:66-68; Ecol. Mon. 45 29-55.) Adviser:

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John E. Cantlon

John E. Cantlon Born: Sparks, NV 10/6/1921 Education: Nevada (B.S. 1947), Rutgers (Ph.D. 1950). Dissertation title: Vegetation and microclimates on north and south slopes of Cushetunk Mt., New Jersey (Ecol. Mon. 23:241-270) Adviser: Murray F. Buell (C) Comments: Worked with

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Stanley A. Cain

Stanley A. Cain Born: Jefferson Co. IN 6/19/1902; died 4/1/1995 Education: Butler Univ. (B.S. 1924); Chicago (M.S. 1927, Ph.D. 1930) Dissertation title: An ecological study of the heath balds of the Great Smoky Mountains. (Butler Univ. Bot. Stud. 1:117-208) Adviser:

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Murray F. Buell

Murray F. Buell Born: New Haven, CT 10/6/1905, died 7/2/1975 Education: Cornell (A.B. 1930); Minnesota (A.M. 1934, Ph.D. 1935). Dissertation title: The embryogeny of Acorus calamus Linn. (Bot. Gaz. 99:556-568) Adviser: Fred K. Butters (confirmed by Helen Buell) Comments: Strongly

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