William Skinner Cooper

William S. Cooper
Born: Detroit, MI 8/25/1884; died 10/8/1978
Education: Alma Coll. (B.S. 1906), Johns Hopkins (1906-07, no degree), Chicago (Ph.D. 1911)
Dissertation title: The climax forest of Isle Royale, Lake Superior, and its development (Bot. Gaz. 55:1-44, 115-140, 189-235)
Adviser: Henry C. Cowles (CD)
Comments: Introduced to ecology by Edgar N. Transeau as an undergraduate. Also had early contact with Forrest Shreve.
Teaching history: Stanford 1914-15; Minnesota 1915-51
Ph. D. Students: Rex Daubenmire, Robert R. Humphrey, Jean H. Langenheim, Henry J. Oosting.
Others influenced: Murray F. Buell, Frank E. Egler, Raymond L. Lindeman.
ESA offices and honors: Vice President 1927; President 1936, Eminent Ecologist 1963
ESA links: Eminent Ecologist
Archived Papers: William Skinner Cooper Papers at Minnesota | Some correspondence in the Fuller Papers at UGA/ESA Archives
External links: Smith bios | Wikipedia

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