Henry Chandler Cowles

Henry Chandler Cowles
Born: Kensington, CT 2/27/1869; died 9/12/1939
Education: Oberlin Coll. (A.B. 1893); Chicago (Ph.D. 1898)
Dissertation title: An ecological study of the sand dune flora of northern Indiana (Bot. Gaz. 27:95-117, 167-202, 281-308, 361-391)
Adviser: John M. Coulter (D)
Comments: Also influenced by T. C. Chamberlin, geologist. See article by W. S. Cooper, Ecology 16:281-283.
Teaching history: Gates Coll., NE 1894-95; Chicago 1897-1934.
Ph. D. Students: William S. Cooper, Walter P. Cottam, George D. Fuller, Elbert L. Little, Arthur G. Vestal
Others influenced: John M. Aikman, E. Lucy Braun, Stanley A. Cain, Ralph W. Chaney, Burton E. Livingston, George E. Nichols, Paul B. Sears, Victor E. Shelford, Edgar N. Transeau.
ESA offices and honors: Founder (1914); President 1918.
Archived Papers: Henry C. Cowles Papers, 1860s-1985. University of Chicago Library, Chicago IL
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