Ecologist Biographies (Books)

As an addition to our bibliographic lists, we are beginning to collect book-length biographies of and autobiographies by ecologists and ESA members, past and present, here. Please let us know (or comment below) if you have suggestions! (Links are to listings at or

Pioneer Ecologist: The Life and Work of Victor Ernest Shelford 1877-1968  |  Google books
1991. Robert A. Croker (Author), Francois Vuilleumier (Foreword). Smithsonian Institution Press. 222 pages

Henry Chandler Cowles: Pioneer Ecologist
2007. Victor M. Cassidy. Kedzie Sigel Press. 354 pages.

Shaping Ecology: The Life of Arthur Tansley
2012. Peter G. Ayres. John Wiley & Sons. 213 pages.

A Sense of Place: The Life and Work of Forrest Shreve
1988. Janice Emily Bowers. University of Arizona Press 195 pages ISBN: 0816510725.

2001. Robert A. Croker. Smithsonian, 232 pages.

Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature
2009. Linda Lear (Author)

On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson 2012. William Souder. Crown Publishers, New York.

Aldo Leopold: His Life and Work
2010 Curt D. Meine (Author), Wendell Berry (Contributor). University of Wisconsin Press. 676 pages. ISBN-10: 0299249042, ISBN-13: 978-0299249045

G. Evelyn Hutchinson and the Invention of Modern Ecology   |  Google eBook
2011. Nancy G. Slack. Yale University Press. 480 pages.

Beyond the Outer Shores: The Untold Odyssey of Ed Ricketts, the Pioneering Ecologist Who Inspired John Steinbeck and Joseph Campbell
2005. Eric Enno Tamm. Da Capo Press. 365 pages.

THE ODYSSEY OF A WOMAN FIELD SCIENTIST: A Story of Passion, Persistence, and Patience
2010. JEAN H. LANGENHEIM (Author). Xlibris, Corp. 1441574417ISBN-13- 978-1441574411. 540 pages

Life in the Treetops: Adventures of a Woman in Field Biology   |   Google ebook
2000. Margaret D. Lowman, author. Yale University Press. 240 pages.

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