Scott L. Collins

Scott L. Collins
Born: 28 October 1952, Ipswich, Massachusetts
Education: Wittenberg (B.A. 1975); Miami (Ohio) (M.S.1977); Oklahoma (Ph.D. 1981)
Dissertation title: Habitat relationships and habitat variability of the wood warblers (Parulidae) (Oikos 39:50-58)
Adviser: Paul G. Risser (C)
Comments: Also influenced by Lou Laux (BA); John Vankat (MS); Fran James (Ph.D.); Ralph Good (post-doc); Steward Pickett (post-doc and beyond); everyone working at Konza Prairie (Assistant Prof and beyond)
Teaching History: Oklahoma 1981-83, 1985-94; New Mexico 2003-present
Ph. D. Students: Bruce Hoagland, Selene Baez, Sally Koerner, Michell Thomey, Susan Glenn
ESA offices and honors: President 2012-2013; V. P. Public Affairs 2014-2015

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