Paul P. Feeny

Paul P. Feeny
Born: Birmingham, England 2/8/1940
Education:  Oxford (B.A. 1960 and 1963; M.S. 1961; Ph.D. 1966)
Dissertation title:  Effects on oak-feeding insects of seasonal changes in the nature of their food (Ecology 51:565-581; J. Insect Physiology 14:805–81; Phytochemistry 7:871–880; Phytochemistry 8:2119–2126)
Adviser: G. C. Varley (Ecology, Entomology); P. C. J. Brunet (Biochemistry)
Teaching History:  Cornell 1967-2010 (emeritus)
Comments: “Both as an undergraduate and graduate student at Oxford I was strongly influenced by David Lack, Charles Elton, Niko Tinbergen (Ecology, Evolution, Zoology) as well as Courtenay S. G. Phillips and Richard O. C. Norman (my Chemistry tutors at Merton College).”
Ph. D. Students: (Major advisor) Karen Paauwe Hicks, J. Mark Scriber, Frank Slansky Jr., Robert C. Lederhouse, William S. Blau, Mark D. Rausher, John H. Christy, May R. Berenbaum, James S. Miller, Robert H. Hagen, Antoni J. Damman, Felix A. H. Sperling, Janie S. Brooks, Karen R. Sime, Brian B. Traw, Cheryl A. Heinz, Shannon M. Murphy; (Minor Advisor) Lawrence M. Kelly, Jorma Tahvanainen, Stanley Temple, Thomas Vawter, Jan Salick, Carol Yoon, Greg Epp, Vikram Iyengar, Gary Langham, Nico Franz
Others influenced: (M. S.) Sherry Rehr, Patricia Blau, Barbara F. S. Usher, Alene Onion; (Undergraduates) Daniel Papaj, Brian Penney

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