HRC Newsletters

This is the last of the HRC newsletters prepared by Sharon Kingsland. Since April 2015, the following issues have been published:

  • July 2020, featuring Robert May and the ecology of infectious diseases.
  • April 2020, 40th anniversary of the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program and its roots in the earlier International Biological Program (IBP, 1967-74).
  • January 2020, 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and how the emerging environmental movement shook and transformed ecology, centennial of journal Ecology, 50th anniversary of Plant Physiology section
  • October 2019, Louisville plenary address by Karen Warkentin celebrating diversity and plasticity; Art Cooper on his experiences in the early years of the environmental movement.
  • July 2019, 50 years of the Physiological Ecology Section; death of Larry Bliss; archives updates and links
  • April 2019, RT Paine papers archived; 1930s Green New Deal at Ohio’s Muskingum watershed
  • January 2019, thermal ecology and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
  • October 2018, history of field biology; limnology archives
  • July 2018, explores historical topics relating to the theme of the annual meeting, “extreme events”
  • April 2018, see summary at April newsletter
  • January 2018, with reports on oral history projects in Louisiana, and an update on HRC’s oral history progress.
  • October 2017, reporting on HRC’s Special Session at the Portland meeting; 65 years of ecology at H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest.
  • July 2017, more on HRC’s Special Session at the Portland meeting; linking ecology to arts and humanities.
  • April 2017, announcing HRC’s Special Session at the Portland annual meeting in August 2017.
  • January 2017, features more information on ESA’s archives, and spotlights the papers of Dr. Ruth Patrick at the Academy of Natural Sciences.
  • October 2016, highlighting the “Focus on Ecologists” profiles on this site, and the ArchiveGrid, a cooperative project improving access to archive collections.
  • July 2016, with a summary of history-related sessions at the 2016 meeting, a introduction to this website, and a note on how long-term records from Japan and Finland illustrate changes in the Anthropocene. (PDF only)
  • April 2016, featuring 2016 HRC-related sessions for the annual meeting; ties between preserving records and preserving cultures. (PDF only)
  • January 2016, featuring the Anthropocene, old weather, oral histories. (PDF only)
  • October 2015, featuring new ESA obituary policy, preserving field books. (PDF only)
  • July 2015, featuring ESA archives at University of Georgia, Paul Sears papers, interactive maps. Download July 2015 PDF.
  • April 2015, featuring HRC at annual meeting, ESA archives, oral history project. Download April 2015 PDF.

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