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Keep up to date with HRC activities and events by following our newsletter. Contact HRC chair Sharon Kingsland (sharon AT to subscribe. Since April 2015, the following issues have been published:

  • April 2020, 40th anniversary of the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program and its roots in the earlier International Biological Program (IBP, 1967-74).
  • January 2020, 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and how the emerging environmental movement shook and transformed ecology, centennial of journal Ecology, 50th anniversary of Plant Physiology section
  • October 2019, Louisville plenary address by Karen Warkentin celebrating diversity and plasticity; Art Cooper on his experiences in the early years of the environmental movement.
  • July 2019, 50 years of the Physiological Ecology Section; death of Larry Bliss; archives updates and links
  • April 2019, RT Paine papers archived; 1930s Green New Deal at Ohio’s Muskingum watershed
  • January 2019, thermal ecology and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
  • October 2018, history of field biology; limnology archives
  • July 2018, explores historical topics relating to the theme of the annual meeting, “extreme events”
  • April 2018, see summary at April newsletter
  • January 2018, with reports on oral history projects in Louisiana, and an update on HRC’s oral history progress.
  • October 2017, reporting on HRC’s Special Session at the Portland meeting; 65 years of ecology at H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest.
  • July 2017, more on HRC’s Special Session at the Portland meeting; linking ecology to arts and humanities.
  • April 2017, announcing HRC’s Special Session at the Portland annual meeting in August 2017.
  • January 2017, features more information on ESA’s archives, and spotlights the papers of Dr. Ruth Patrick at the Academy of Natural Sciences.
  • October 2016, highlighting the “Focus on Ecologists” profiles on this site, and the ArchiveGrid, a cooperative project improving access to archive collections.
  • July 2016, with a summary of history-related sessions at the 2016 meeting, a introduction to this website, and a note on how long-term records from Japan and Finland illustrate changes in the Anthropocene. (PDF only)
  • April 2016, featuring 2016 HRC-related sessions for the annual meeting; ties between preserving records and preserving cultures. (PDF only)
  • January 2016, featuring the Anthropocene, old weather, oral histories. (PDF only)
  • October 2015, featuring new ESA obituary policy, preserving field books. (PDF only)
  • July 2015, featuring ESA archives at University of Georgia, Paul Sears papers, interactive maps. Download July 2015 PDF.
  • April 2015, featuring HRC at annual meeting, ESA archives, oral history project. Download April 2015 PDF.

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