Robert K. Peet

Robert K. Peet
Born: Beloit, WI 2/14/1947
Education:  Wisconsin (B.A. 1970; M.S. 1971); Cornell (Ph.D. 1975)
Dissertation title: Forest vegetation of the east slope of the Northern Colorado Front Range
Advisor: Robert H. Whittaker
Comments: Also influenced by Grant Cottam (B. A.) and Orie L. Loucks (M.S.)
Teaching History: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1975-present
Ph.D.Students:  Joan Walker, Robert G. Knox, Robert B. Allen, Don E. McLeod, John B. Taggart, Susan K. Wiser, Lauro Lopez Mata, James H. Graves, Jacob Kann, Kathleen F. Baker-Brosh, James DeCoster, Claire L. Newell, Jeffrey Corbin, Timothy D. Nifong, Cecil C. Frost, Rebecca L. Brown, Jason D. Fridley, Patricia Corry, Weimin Xi, Joel M. Gramling, Lee Anne Jacobs Reilly, Jeffrey Ott, Elizabeth R. Matthews, Brooke E. Wheeler, Jacqueline White, Kyle Palmquist
ESA offices and honors:  Secretary 1992-95; Distinguished Service Citation 1995; Editor-in-Chief Ecology and Ecological Monographs 1995-2000; Fellow 2012
ESA links:  Distinguished Service Citation

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