William A. Reiners

William A. Reiners
Born: Chicago, IL 6/10/1937
Education: Knox College (B.A. 1959), Rutgers (M.S. 1962; Ph.D. 1964)
Dissertation title: Ecology of a shrub Synusia in an irradiated ecosystem
Advisor: Murray F. Buell
Comments: Undergraduate advisor was Paul Shepard, a student of Paul Sears. Other influences: George M. Woodwell (Ph.D. and later); Donald B Lawrence, Eville Gorham, Gene E. Likens (early career); Jeffrey A. Lockwood, Steven D. Prager (later career)
Teaching History: Minnesota 1964-67; Dartmouth 1976-83; Wyoming 1983-2015 (emeritus)
Ph.D. students: Peter M. Vitousek, Peter S. White, Christopher S. Cronan, Gary M. Lovett, Jeffrey R. Foster, Douglas A. Schaefer, Ingrid C. Burke, Rebecca A. Reed, Stephen M. Ogle, Christopher A. Hiemstra, Kenneth L. Driese, Walter F. Fertig
Others influenced: William H. Schlesinger, Thomas R. Wentworth, Timothy J. Fahey, Robin Lambert Graham, Richard K. Olson and David Y. Hollinger (undergraduates); Gerald E. Lang, Michael Keller, Shuguang Liu (post-docs)
ESA offices and honors:  Treasurer 1981-84, Eminent Ecologist 2013
ESA links:  Eminent Ecologist
External links: Wikipedia

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