George M. Woodwell

George M. Woodwell
Born: Cambridge, MA 10/23/28
Education: Dartmouth (A.B. 1950), Duke (A.M. 1956, Ph.D. 1958)
Dissertation title: Factors limiting the growth of pond pine seedlings in organic soils of the Carolinas. (Ecol. Mon. 28:219-236)
Advisor: Henry J. Oosting (C)
Teaching history: Maine 1957-61
Others influenced: William A. Reiners, Charlie Hall
ESA offices and honors: Vice President 1967; President 1977-78; Fellow 2012
ESA links: Presidential bio
External links: Wikipedia

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One comment on “George M. Woodwell
  1. Charles Hall says:

    He influenced me too in my postdoctoral years. Was a great boss. Charlie Hall

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