Richard B. Root

Richard B. Root
Born: Dearborn, MI 9/7/1936; died 1/22/2013
Education: Michigan (B.S. 1958), UC Berkeley (Ph.D. 1964)
Advisor: Frank A. Pitelka
Dissertation title: Niche organization in the blue-gray gnatcatcher Polioptila caerulea
Other influences: (undergraduate) Frederick E. Smith, Herbert Wagner, Francis Evans, Nelson Hairston
Teaching history: Cornell 1964-2005 (became emeritus)
Ph.D. students: Beverly Rathcke, Peter Kareiva
ESA offices and honors: Vice President 1979-80; President 1985-86; Eminent Ecologist 2003; Odum Award 2004; Fellow 2012
ESA links: Presidential bio | Eminent Ecologist | Odum Award | Resolution of Respect

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