Forest W. Stearns

Forest W. Stearns
Born: Milwaukee, WI 9/10/18. died 9/8/1999
Education: Harvard (B.A. 1939); Wisconsin (Ph.M. 1940; Ph.D. 1947)
Dissertation title: The composition of the sugar maple-hemlock-yellow birch association in northern Wisconsin (Ecology 32:245-265)
Advisor: John T. Curtis (C)
Teaching history: Purdue 1947-57; Univ. of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) 1968-87
ESA offices and honors:  Vice  President 1971-72; Treasurer 1972-75; President 1975-76; Distinguished Service Citation 1979
ESA links: Distinguished Service Citation | Resolution of Respect | Ruth Stearns obituary | UW-M Memorial Resolution

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