Press Releases

Snell lab presents research at Ecological Society of America Conference
17 August 2018
Ohio University
Dr. Rebecca Snell, Assistant Professor of Environmental and Plant Biology, along with her graduate student Sarah Smith presented their research at the 2018 Ecological Society of America (ESA) held August 5-10, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The National Whitebark Pine Restoration Plan: a Multi-Agency Collaborative Effort to Rescue a High Elevation Foundation and Keystone Forest Tree
7 August 2018
Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation
A 2018 ESA Annual Meeting presentation will discuss cooperative partnerships among federal agencies and non-governmental organizations to plan, fund, and implement large-scale restoration for Whitebark Pine, a species listed as endangered in Canada and undergoing status review in the U.S. under the Endangered Species Act.
Mapping Blue Carbon in Mangroves Worldwide
2 August 2018
Louisiana State University
Mangroves can store greater amounts of carbon than any other terrestrial ecosystem. A precise estimate of how much blue carbon is stored by mangroves around the world has not been available until recently.
Trees travelling west: how climate is changing our forests
1 August 2018
Many tree species are expanding their range westward due to climate change, a shift caused by changes in precipitation and observed among species sharing similar traits. 
CASC Presentations at the 2018 Ecological Society of America (ESA) Annual Meeting
24 July 2018
Heading to the ESA meeting in New Orleans, LA? Check out these presentations from leadership, staff, and affiliates of the Climate Adaptation Science Centers.
Coldwater streams may provide refuge against changing climate
24 July 2018
Coldwater stream habitats are vulnerable to effects of climate change, particularly to changes in precipitation and air temperatures that alter their hydrology. Some streams may act as coldwater refugia — areas buffered from climate change that enable persistence of the ecosystem and its resources – and may provide long-term habitat to ecologically and economically important species.
2018 ESA Annual Meeting Presentations
17 July 2018
Over 120 presentations and posters at the 2018 ESA Annual Meeting this August will feature research from 17 of the 28 National Science Foundation funded Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites. 
World-renowned Wetlands Ecologist Robert Twilley to Deliver Opening Talk at National Conference
17 July 2018
Louisiana State University
Robert Twilley, a leading national expert in coastal deltaic science and sustainability, Twilley will give the opening plenary talk at the ESA annual meeting at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans on Sunday, Aug. 5.
2018 ESA Regional Policy Award Recognizes Representative Walter J. Leger III for His Coastal Restoration Work
17 July 2018
The Ecological Society of America will present its 11th annual Regional Policy Award to Representative Walter J. Leger III, speaker pro tempore of the Louisiana House of Representatives, during the Society’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. The award recognizes an elected or appointed local policymaker who has an outstanding record of informing policy decisions with ecological science.
NSF-supported researchers to present new results on hurricanes and other extreme events
17 July 2018
At the 2018 ESA Annual Meeting in New Orleans this August, more than 100 presentations and posters will feature research by scientists funded through NSF’s Long Term Ecological Research (LTER), Critical Zone Observatories (CZO) and Biological Oceanography programs, among others.
Mangroves to mudflats and not back again
13 July 2018
Michael J. Osland, a research ecologist at USGS, will discuss the long-term conversion of mangrove forests to unvegetated mudflats in Everglades National Park, and what implications the changes have on stability and resilience of these ecosystems against extreme events.
Rising seas put salinity stress on Hawaiian coastal plants
5 July 2018
Tiffany D. Lum will present her research on salinity tolerance in a coastal plant species and how it affects plant reproduction resilience. Because plant population persistence depends on successful seedling recruitment, seedling survival to maturity, and reproduction, it is important to know how increased salinity will influence each of these processes.
Seventeen UW Researchers to Make Presentations at Ecological Society of America meeting
2 July 2018
University of Wyoming
Seventeen University of Wyoming faculty, staff and students will present their research findings at the 103rd annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America Aug. 5-10 in New Orleans, La.
Using tree-fall patterns to calculate tornado wind speed
22 June 2018
Daniel M. Rhee, a PhD student at University of Illinois specializing in Structures in Civil Engineering, focuses his research on modeling tornadoes and near-surface wind speeds using tree-fall and damage patterns. He will present his research at the 2018 ESA Annual Meeting.
ESA announces the recipients of the 2017 Student Awards
19 June 2018
The Ecological Society of America recognizes Michael T. Kohl, Benjamin J. Wilson, and Emily E. Ernst for awards for outstanding student research.
103rd Annual Meeting: Preview and Highlights
12 June 2018
The sustainability of ecosystem services and human well-being depends on ecosystem resilience to extreme events. The following selected sessions and events at the Annual Meeting delve into this year’s meeting theme.
103rd Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America convenes in New Orleans, La.
1 May 2018
Extreme events, ecosystem resilience, and human wellbeing
5–10 August 2018