Press Releases

Using tree-fall patterns to calculate tornado wind speed
22 June 2018
Daniel M. Rhee, a PhD student at University of Illinois specializing in Structures in Civil Engineering, focuses his research on modeling tornadoes and near-surface wind speeds using tree-fall and damage patterns. He will present his research at the 2018 ESA Annual Meeting.
ESA announces the recipients of the 2017 Student Awards
19 June 2018
The Ecological Society of America recognizes Michael T. Kohl, Benjamin J. Wilson, and Emily E. Ernst for awards for outstanding student research.
103rd Annual Meeting: Preview and Highlights
12 June 2018
The sustainability of ecosystem services and human well-being depends on ecosystem resilience to extreme events. The following selected sessions and events at the Annual Meeting delve into this year’s meeting theme.
103rd Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America convenes in New Orleans, La.
1 May 2018
Extreme events, ecosystem resilience, and human wellbeing
5–10 August 2018