Panel Members



Current Panel Members


Esteban Muldavin
University of New Mexico

Executive Committee Members:

Scott Franklin
University of Northern Colorado

Todd Keeler-Wolf
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

David Roberts
Montana State University

Jack Triepke
USDA Forest Service (Region 3)

Tom Wentworth
North Carolina State University

General Members:

Pat Comer

Julie Evens
California Native Plant Society

Exequiel Ezcurra
University of California

Don Faber-Langendoen

Kass Green
Kass Green and Associates

Michael D. Jennings
The Nature Conservancy

Chris Lea
National Park Service (Retired)

Alexa McKerrow
USGS Core Science Analytics, Synthesis and Libraries

Robert Peet
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Serguei Ponomarenko
Parks Canada

Ayzik Solomeshch
University of California, Davis

Linda Spencer
Co-Chair, FGDC Vegetation Subcommittee,
USDA Forest Service

Carol Spurrier
Co-Chair, FGDC Vegetation Subcommittee,
USDA Forest Service

David Tart
Vegetation Ecologist

Mark Tukman
Tukman Geospatial

James VanKley
Stephen F. Austin State University

Alan Weakley
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Former Members

The ESA Panel on Vegetation Classification was constituted in January 1995, by the Ecological Society of America, and became a Permanent Standing Committee in 2009.

Throughout the years, many vegetation ecologists have served on the Panel.  A list of past and present members is available at the link below:

ESA Panel Member History