Introducing the 2015 ESA Annual Meeting App!

If you’re thinking of going green, then ESA’s new meeting app is for you. We hope the app helps attendees reduce their paper use and plan their meeting time more effectively. This year’s app is available in two forms: a web app, which can be accessed using any web browser, and a native mobile app, which can be downloaded to a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Android). You can use multiple versions of the app and sync your personal schedule between them. We recommend using the web app in advance of the meeting to browse the program and plan your schedule, and then downloading everything to the native mobile app before traveling to the meeting. But you can also sync the information in the opposite direction if you’d prefer.

The app is free and anyone can use it. No membership, abstract, or registration information is required to download and use the app. There is a login option for all versions. You do not need to log in to browse the program, but you will need to log in to save items as favorites and build a personal schedule.

All versions of the app will allow you to:

Plan ahead

  • Browse and search for sessions, special events, presentations, and speakers
  • Read abstracts and session descriptions
  • Build your personal schedule
  • Mark sessions, events, and presentations of interest as your favorites
  • Mark people as your contacts
  • Note cancellations
  • Export your schedule to your personal calendar

Navigate the meeting

  • Reference your personal schedule
  • Look up locations of sessions
  • View floor plans

Web App

The web app is available here. The web app can be accessed from any web browser. If you have used our personal scheduler in recent years, the web app may feel familiar. It has been upgraded to become the web app.  See below for login information.

Native Mobile App

Download Links: iTunes (iPhone, iPad), Google Play (Android).

The native mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. We recommend that attendees download the native app before arriving on site. An internet connection is required for download of the app and initial login. After this setup is complete, all program content will be available without an internet connection. You will only need to connect to the internet to download program updates and if you would like to sync your personal schedule between devices. See below for login information.

How To Login To The App And Build Your Schedule

There is an optional login feature for all versions of the app. You do not need to login to browse the program, but logging in will allow you to build a schedule and mark favorites. If you have used the old personal scheduler in recent years, you can reuse that login for the app. You can reset your password from within the app if you don’t remember it. Users who have not used the personal scheduler before will need to create a new login for the app. All you need is your email address and a password of your choosing. The app will not recognize membership or abstract logins – this is a unique login only for building your meeting schedule. Once you have logged in, you will be able to bookmark items of interest (My Favorites), add events to your schedule (My Schedule), and add people as contacts (My Contacts).

If you have any trouble with the app, please email Jennifer Riem (