Registration Fees

Make sure you register by July 23 to qualify for the discounted registration rates. All deadlines are 5 PM Eastern Time. Click here to register.

Full-Week Registration Fees

Early Bird
thru 5 PM EST June 18

June 19-5 PM EST July 23

After 5 PM July 23

ESA Regular Member $335 $390 $415
ESA Student Member $165 $175 $195
Emeritus Member $165 $175 $195
Regular Non-Member $485 $550 $580
Student Non-Member $210 $235 $265
K-12/Pre-College Educator $210 $235 $265
Developing Country Member* $155 $175 $195

One-Day Registration Fees

Daily August 10 (Monday) through August 13 (Thursday)

Daily August 8 (Saturday), August 9 (Sunday), and August 14 (Friday)

ESA Regular Member $200 per day $55
ESA Student Member $95 per day $55
Emeritus Member $95 per day $55
Regular Non-Member $275 per day $75
Student Non-Member $155 per day $75
K-12/Pre-College Educator $155 per day $75
Developing Country Member* $80 per day $55

Individual Event Registration Fee

Single Event (all days, all registrant types) $65

Guest Registration

A $45 Guest Fee is assessed to register an adult (i.e., person age 18 or older) accompanying a registrant at the meeting. A youth guest (i.e., infant through 17 years of age) may be registered at no charge. Registration entitles each guest to LIMITED access to meeting programs and amenities and guests may not participate in scientific sessions (i.e., ignite, oral, and special sessions, symposia, or workshops).

* To qualify for Developing Country Member rate, you must be a member of ESA and be a citizen of and reside in a country listed on the World Bank list of developing countries. (Click here to access the list.).