Early Career Ecologists Section Minutes from ESA 2015 Business Meeting

When and Where: ESA 100, Baltimore Convention Center, 6:30-7.30 pm Tuesday August 23rd 2015 Meeting Chairs: Daniel Scholes (Univeristy of Illinois-Urbana Champaign; outgoing section chair), Sarah Supp (University of Wisconsin-Madison; incoming chair) Secretary: Daniel Stanton (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) Attendance: Sarah Supp, Daniel Scholes, Daniel Stanton, Matt Aiello-Lammens, Mike Allen, Sigrid Smith, Seema Sheth, Cameron Read more about Early Career Ecologists Section Minutes from ESA 2015 Business Meeting[…]

Centennial Mentoring Program at #ESA100

Conferences provide unique opportunities for biologists to interact with others in their field; however, these opportunities are rarely structured to promote meaningful interactions between the next generation ecologists and more senior scientists. Access to strong mentors both within and outside of their main institution is critical to support early career ecologists and to help them gain the necessary skills to become good mentors themselves, while moving towards the next career stages.

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Interdisciplinary Research in Ecology [announcement]

This is a guest announcement from Dennis Tarasi, a PhD Candidate in the Peet Lab at UNC-Chapel Hill*
What is interdisciplinary research? What is the future of interdisciplinary research in ecology?
Interdisciplinary research is one of the most commonly used catchphrases in the field of ecology and broader science in general. This term has been used (and misused) so much that its definition has become very ambiguous and context-dependent. Ecologists generally embrace the importance of interdisciplinary work, but their vision and application varies drastically.