Ralph W. Chaney

Ralph W. Chaney
Born: Chicago, IL 8/24/1890; died 3/3/1971
Education: Chicago (B.S. 1912, Ph.D. 1919)
Dissertation title: The ecological significance of the Eagle Creek flora of the Colorado River gorge. (J. Geol. 26:577-592)
Adviser: J Harlen Bretz (confirmed by Bretz)
Comments: Thanked H. C. Cowles in his dissertation for assistance in ecological interpretations. Not primarily a plant ecologist, but included here because some of his descendents clearly were.
Teaching history: Iowa 1919-22; California 1931-57.
Others influenced: H. L. Mason
Archived papers: Oral history transcript at Berkeley  |  Mentioned as a correspondent in John C Merriam Papers at Library of Congress
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