Career Central

If you’d like to volunteer at Career Central this year, see the form below.

This year’s Career Central program in the exhibit hall will be focused on helping all ecologists navigate their way through career pathways and enter the job market better equipped for success.

While we are still securing commitments from presenters, mentors and other volunteers, we can give you an idea of what’s in store.

For three days, Monday-Wednesday, we will present:

  • Workshops on such topics as:
    • Thriving in grad school
    • Navigating the tenure track
    • Scientific publishing
    • Common work-related skills you might not learn in school
  • Deep dives into career pathways in:
    • Research
    • Government
    • The private sector
    • Education
    • Nonprofits and policy
  • Job search best practices in:
    • Professional resumes
    • Job interviews
    • Personal branding and digital networking

Plus networking (and speed networking!) events with ecologists in as many sectors as we can organize (and find space for), featuring chances to meet with our Editors in Chief, and publishing and editorial experts. And, on top of those, we’ll have daily resume/CV reviews and mock job interviews.

Share Your Experience

We welcome contributions from all ecologists — all sectors, industries, career levels and experiences — as we seek to help ESA members and Annual Meeting attendees to create impactful careers in the science. What you have to say matters!

If you are interested in contributing to others’ career success at the Annual Meeting, please share your information below. We have a tentative agenda for Career Central in mind but are happy to work with those who’ll be sharing with us!

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