U P D A T E S :
FT 3, FT 6, TK 1, TK 2 and WK 3 are sold out. WK 4 and WK 5 are cancelled.

For the first time, ESA captured every plenary session and keynote address on video. These special sessions and deep dives into important research are available for the entire ecological community to view and share!

Opening Plenary Keynote

All the Variations Matter: Bridging Disciplines and Communities to Study Diversity in Life History and Sexual Behavior
Karen Warkentin

Scientific Plenary and Awards Ceremony

Resilience, Recovery and the Ecology of Change
MacArthur Award winner Katharine Suding

New Phytologist Trust Keynote

The Ecology of Cultivated Landscapes: Theoretical, Methodological, and Ethical Considerations
Diane Pataki

USSEE Plenary

How Long-term Urban Systems Research Has Informed Interdisciplinary Social-ecological Approaches in an Era of Convergence Science
Dan Childers

Recent Advances Lecture

P-values and Cultural Values: Creating Symbiosis among Indigenous and Western Knowledges to Advance Ecological Justice
Robin Wall Kimmerer