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FT 3, FT 6, TK 1, TK 2 and WK 3 are sold out. WK 4 and WK 5 are cancelled.

Travel Support for Attendees

Everyone attending the meeting is required to register and to pay the applicable rate (full week or one day).ESA does not offer financial support as part of the abstract acceptance process.

ESA offers the following opportunities for students to supplement existing meeting funding. We caution against submitting an abstract under the assumption that a speaker’s entire travel budget will be supported by any one of these opportunities.

Section Awards

Some of ESA’s sections offer competitive awards. The student section offers several awards each year, typically. Other sections offer awards for students studying specific areas of ecology. These awards are administered by each section and each section’s deadlines, point of contact, and application process will vary. You can read more about all of the section awards.

Student Volunteers

ESA’s staff relies on student volunteers to help run our Annual Meeting each year. We greatly appreciate your interest in helping us in Louisville. We will select students (undergraduate or graduate level) to assist with various tasks throughout the week. Volunteers who complete their assignments (about 14 hours of work) will receive a refund of their Early Bird registration fee.

If you are presenting at this year’s meeting, you should wait to apply after the scheduling notification go out in May. We will need you to tell us when you are available during the conference so that we can schedule volunteer work around your presentation. If you’re presenting, we strongly suggest you bookmark this page and come back to fill it out after you know when you’ll be presenting. We’ll mention student volunteering in the acceptance notice as a reminder.

We will consider all complete applications received by June 27. It is in your best interest to submit a complete application on time rather than an incomplete one early.

The two most common reasons we can’t offer someone a volunteer slot are:

  1. The applicant lists a lot of conflicts during the week, and we can’t schedule 14 hours of work during the times they are available; and
  2. The applicant did not register before the Early Bird deadline.


In order to be considered for a volunteer assignment at this meeting, by the June 27 Early Bird deadline each applicant must:

  1. Be a student (or graduated in December 2018 or 2019).
  2. Register to attend the meeting at the student Early Bird rate (which includes paying the appropriate fee).
  3. Complete and submit the online student volunteer application form.

We will consider all complete applications received by June 27 2019.

Volunteer Information

ESA Annual Meeting Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

Point of Contact: Teresa Mourad

Session organizers are invited to nominate speakers who bring diverse perspectives to the ESA annual meeting at the interface of science, education, communication, policy and community for the ESA Annual Meeting Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship. They are offered to those who will conduct workshops, trainings, or deliver talks at sessions that have been accepted by the ESA Meetings Program Committee and subject to availability of funds. Awardees must be new to ESA and who might not otherwise attend on their own resources. Participants from the Louisville area are especially welcome to be nominated. Please visit the scholarship webpage for full details. Nominations are due February 28.

Provide or Receive Travel Support

Point of contact: Jonathan Miller

Did you know that ESA is providing travel grants to those impacted by state travel bans to Kentucky and those who lack institutional support? Up to $30,000 from the Opportunity Fund will go toward these grants. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning on March 15.

Help your colleagues by Donate to the Opportunity Fund

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